Congress Aims

ITCT2017 Congress aims to share knowledge and experience within the following four areas.

Current and Future Trends for IT and Software Solutions in Clinical Trials and Research
  • How is IT and software in clinical trials different today, vs. 15 years ago?
  • How are solutions evaluated, maintained, and supported
  • Insourcing vs. outsourcing of IT and software development
  • Requirements engineering and risk evaluation
  • AI and decision support
IT and Software Regulations, Standards and Security
  • Regulations affecting the choice of IT and software solutions for clinical trails
  • Standards for developing and maintaining IT and software solutions for preclinical and clinical trials
  • Security issues and challenges
  • Emerging data standards and requirements
  • Risk assessments of IT and software
Digital Data Storage and Data Governance
  • Emerging trends with data storage 
  • Governance of data and ownership
  • IaaS and PaaS in hosting – cloud solutions and other trends
  • Data formatting
IT and Software in Biometrics - Trends with Data Analysis and Data Presentation
  • Emerging technology with data analysis
  • IT and software solutions for data presentation
  • Automation and AI in biometrics
  • Trends in other markets vs clinical trials